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Dear ILTA Members, 

Happy New Year! I know it may seem a bit odd to get a new year’s wish in February, but…I hope your year has started out on the right foot and you are happily progressing towards your resolutions. 

This is perhaps one of my favorite times of the year because it is a fresh start on the next chapter in my journey. Regardless of how you view it, the start of a new year is often cen-tered on goals and resolutions. As you engage your personal goals or the goals of your team or organization some of the things I have found to be helpful is making sure there is balance and synergy with current successes along with what I am attempting to get better at. If I go headlong into getting better at something and focus all of my attention in those activities I often find I am neglecting other important areas such as getting enough sleep, exercising, or taking time off from work to recharge the emotional batteries; I am operat-ing at an imbalance. While I might function well for a short period of time in this state, I am ultimately paying a tax that exponentially grows the longer I allow the imbalance to exist. 

As mentioned above, when we are imbalanced we pay a tax that becomes cumulative. We all pay this tax whether we want to admit it or not, and perceptually, I feel I have been paying this tax collector far more than they deserve. Sound familiar? Well recently, a very good friend of mine who could see my struggles shared a book titled The Stress-Proof Brain by Melanie Greenberg and encouraged me to read it. The book sat on the corner of my desk for a month and finally in a fit of guilt I picked it up and started reading. I was only in the book a few pages and found myself hooked. The author was describing, in vivid detail, the tax I had been paying along with the resulting negative consequences of such. Ms. Greenberg suggests that too much “allostatic load” or wear and tear on the body in-creases ones risk for heart disease, diabetes, obesity, colds, flu, depression, and anxiety. As I read this, I felt like a first-year medical student who had studied each of these maladies only to realize I was experiencing symptoms of each, if not individually, collectively. Not really, but while this was not the first time I had heard this, it was a great reminder that the resulting tax of stress can be high and the only way to combat that is to make a conscious effort to operate in a balanced sphere. Pondering this revelatory information, I was brought back to a concept I had learned several years ago as I read Stephen R. Covey’s book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. He explains a “balanced renewal is optimally synergistic” meaning that when one is operating at an optimum level, the activities and efforts put into one area have a positive impact in other areas. From Covey’s perspective, this balanced renewal is achieved in Habit 7 – Sharpening the Saw, which is encompassing of the other 6 habits and makes them possible.

Ironically these same principles apply to our organizations. If you are a leader in your organization and are attempting to leverage the individual talent and skill therein in order to go to the next level you may want to consider the health of your organization. Is it imbalanced? If so, what kind of taxes are you paying? Poor morale? High turnover? Apathetic behavior? Poor communication? Always operating in the whirlwind of the day (aka crisis mode) and not being able to focus on more proactive activities that will grow the business? I know I see examples of this around me every day – personally, professionally, and socially. If, after some analysis, you determine your organization is experiencing some of these symptoms I would encourage you to take it one step further and seek to understand the “why” behind the is-sue. There are 2 types of issues – acute and chronic. In my experience the acute issues can typically be handled with relative speed and ease, however, the chronic issues can be the real head scratcher, thus the reason for further investigation. Chronic problems are often promulgated by organizational cultures and cultures are highly influenced and shaped by leaders. I say this because most people react to or are shaped by the opinions, perceptions, and paradigms of the people around them, specifically their leaders. A positive, well-balanced leader/individual is far more effective at creating fruitful interactions with other like-minded people. This is where synergy and high-performing cultures are created.

I am appreciative of those individuals who have positively influenced me over the years. I may not have fully realized nor appreciated their influence at the time, however, through the beautiful gift of hindsight I have realized their impact. May each of you find and maintain the balance that you want, need and/or desire as you push toward the desired end result.

Warmest regards, 
Daryl Olsen 
2017/2018 ILTA President 


The Education Committee has continued hosting its regional trainings with the most recent being held in Northern Idaho. JT Jacobsen and Heather Wichman spearheaded this training session and put together a very successful class on Probate and Railroad Access that was attended by 66 people topping the 56 that attended the training in Pocatello. Based upon the success of the regional training symposiums and the feedback received from participants, the ILTA Board has made the decision to continue offering these courses and will be communicating the upcoming 2018 schedule over the next few months. These trainings will continue in the shorter format with a morning session repeated in the afternoon. In addition to the eastern and northern sessions we are looking to add a session in the Magic Valley.

Additional educational opportunities are offered with the annual Winter Education Seminar held in Boise. It is not too late to register and attend this event held this year on March 8th and 9th at The Grove Hotel in downtown Boise. The Agenda and Registration forms follow in this Newsletter. Based on comments generated from prior seminars and via input at the regional trainings and Liaison meetings, this year’s event focuses on core title topics. The agenda has been sectioned into three topic segments—Thursday morning is core title topics; Thursday after-noon has a management slant; and, Friday’s segment is core title topics. After Thursday’s session we will host our Legislative Reception and silent auction PAC fundraiser. Registration is also available on a segment basis to in-crease opportunities for more local members to attend. 

The ILTA is also hosting this year’s Pacific NW Convention in Coeur d’ Alene at the Coeur d’ Alene Resort Au-gust 2-4. This Agenda is being worked on but will include sessions on marketing and sales with social media and a changing marketplace in mind; the ins and outs of e-closings; and, updates from ALTA on federal issues such as the CFPB and ALTA’s goals regarding company culture and values. Other topics being considered include block-chain and bitcoin. If you have a suggested topic please let us know. 

The increase in educational opportunities is also enhanced via ALTA’s educational offerings. The ILTA has an arrangement with ALTA so that our members receive a 25% discount. Increased educational opportunities dove-tails with the ILTA’s goals of ITP and NTP designations and increasing the professionalism of our industry. The ILTA Board believes these programs provide a format for land title professionals in Idaho to demonstrate their knowledge, experience, efficiency in, and dedication to, the land title industry. The ITP rand NTP represent a measure of achievement and commitment to career development. The Board believes there are many industry professionals who are eligible for and deserve the recognition and prestige associated with the ITP and NTP des-ignations. Visit the ILTA website or contact a Board member for more information on ITP and NTP designa-tions. 

Winter Education Seminar 

Grove Hotel, Boise, Idaho
March 8-9, 2018


7:00 am Breakfast & Registration 

8:00 am Welcome & Opening Remarks – Daryl Olsen, ILTA President 

8:15 am “Top 10 Underwriting Risks”, Cindy Guanell, First American Title 

9:15 am “Escrow: From a Title Perspective”, Jeff Wiener, Old Republic 

10:15 am Break with the Vendors 

10:30 am “Probate”, Jason Melville, Hawley Troxell 

12:00 Noon Lunch with Legislative Reception Primer – Martin Bilbao, ILTA Lobbyist 

1:30 pm Legislative & Rule Updates – Hilary Vaughn, First American 

1:45 pm Judicial Review, Matt Ryden, Westcor 

2:00 pm “Ethics in Title”, Matt Christensen, Angstman Johnson 

3:00 pm Break with the Vendors 

3:15 pm “Stephen Covey 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, Daryl Olsen, ILTA President 

4:15 pm Vendor and Sponsor Intros 

4:30 pm Legislative Reception & PAC Silent Auction 

6:00 pm Reception Ends 


7:00 am Breakfast 

8:00 am Announcements and Agenda for the Day – Daryl Olsen, ILTA President 

8:15 am “After all these years – what I still don’t know”, a potpourri of divorce, death, authority issues, modifications, tax liens, etc., Glen Roberts, Stewart Title 

9:15 am “Railroad Crossings”, Travis Campbell, Idaho Operation Lifesaver 

10:15 am Break & Checkout 

10:45 am “Dirty Laundry – Fraud and Scams” – Panel Discussion (Phil DeAngeli, Title Financial; Cameron McFaddan, TitleOne; Robin Aberasturi, Alliance Title) 

12:00 am Closing Remarks & Adjournment – Daryl Olsen, ILTA President