The Liaison Committee met Thursday September 20 at TitleOne. Some of the issues discussed included:

1. Phil McGrane and Heather Luther from the Ada County Recorder’s Office were present and Phil made a presentation on his proposed flat fee bill. Phil’s idea is to streamline the flat fee further to one fee similar to what Wisconsin implemented. Phil presented a draft for review and discussion. He is meeting with IAC for their endorsement and will also be reaching out to the realtors and lenders for support. Classification of docs won’t be an issue under this proposal. For any comments or discussion Phil can be reached at  or 208-287-6880.

2. Martin gave a legislative update. On the election front there is not much happening after the active primaries. The DOI Rules review project is ongoing. The flat fee proposal presented by Phil McGrane simplifies the process and seems good and was subsequently approved for endorsement by the Board. Martin is still working to meet with the realtors to see if there is interest on addressing earnest money instructions.

3. The HOA fee issue was discussed. There was info from realtors and title agents that issues with increasing fees has materialized. Martin advised the HOA management companies are trying to get better organized this year and form an association and retain a lobbyist. Changes they may want to implement look like an uphill battle. There was discussion that Century Management and Welcome Link HOA companies have said they are third party servicers of HOA’s so are exempt from the recent laws that went into effect and they are requiring upfront fees. If you have information on these companies or others please get info to a board member or to Martin.

4. The remote notary issue continues to gather steam. We reviewed a Uniform Law Commission (ULC) draft addressing remote notary. This proposal is similar to the ALTA proposal and endorsed by ALTA. Mike Brassey who represents the ULC and the lenders is in contact with Martin and we stand ready to start reviewing in more depth and pushing this matter along. We will try and steer this to the Secretary of State’s Office to carry like they did the recent e-notary legislation. The remote notary is already coming up in current business where it is legal and we are asked to accept it under full faith and credit recognition so implementing legislation this upcoming year may be realistic. Martin believes this push is also a good place to mandate e-recording so we get the two holdouts over the line (Nez Perce and Shoshone Counties).

5. A last legislative issue that came up for discussion was redemption deeds. This came out of Canyon County and the question is who should receive the redemption deed – the person paying or just a redeemer. Meetings are being scheduled to discuss this matter further.

6. Regional education trainings are in the works beginning with eastern Idaho in October/November. Cindy Guanell volunteered to present. Cindy also volunteered to present in Coeur d’ Alene in January.

7. The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday October 18 at Pioneer Title on Eagle Road (south of the highway at 1872 S. Eagle Rd. in Meridian).

Thanks. John