The Liaison Committee met Thursday September 10, 2015 at Alliance Title Parkcenter.  Some of the issues discussed were:

1.       Jim reported that it has been quiet at the DOI.  Agent exams are grinding forward.  Jim reminded that agents with 3 year escrow audits due need to have those completed by the end of December.  Underwriter audits will satisfy the audit requirement if those audits meet DOI requirements.  Jim also advised that the Department of Finance had issued a cease and desist to the company that was impersonating the old Twin Falls Title & Escrow.

2.       Lyn and Martin were participating at the Governor’s Cup.  John summarized their report – The oil and gas lease issue continues to rumble on. John reported that he had seen some articles in Eagle newsletters that seemed to focus on stirring up the issue as a consumer issue.  The bankers are in the spotlight right now and have been in contact with the Realtors and the ILTA.  The issue will continue to be monitored and we will work as much as we can with the other groups.  Hilary, Richard and Martin met with Sen. Davis’ former legal intern to discuss how the Parkwest issues were not fully addressed with Sen. Davis’ legislation from last year.  The intern seemed to understand the issues and is communicating those concerns to Sen. Davis.  We are waiting for Sen. Davis’ review and then will move forward with creating draft language and finding a sponsor for the bill.

3.       There was discussion to review possible Rule 56 changes regarding a couple of issues that have come up the past year.  Trade association donations was one such issue.  The larger counties have expressed the current cap as too little.  Other areas that could be clarified is the language regarding permitted educational programs.  Another area mentioned was updating issues regarding new technology.  If you have any thoughts or position on these or other issues please respond to the minutes or talk to a board member so we can gather feedback.  Jesse is going to head a small working group to review possible changes.

4.       2015 materials from the Pacific NW Convention in Coeur d’ Alene are posted on the ILTA website –  The 2016 Pacific NW Convention is still being discussed with Oregon looking to host at Skamania – a resort about 30 minutes east of Portland on the Washington side of the Columbia River.

5.       The ILTA website was renovated this past year and has some new features and is more user friendly.  Please review your contact information.  If you have any changes please respond to these minutes.

6.       Mark your calendar for the 2016 Ed Seminar which is set for March 3-4.  The location has changed as we are trying out the Grove Hotel in downtown Boise.

7.       There will not be an October Liaison meeting due to TRID implementation and other conflicts with the ALTA convention.  The next meeting will be Thursday November 12 at 10:00 at Alliance Title Parkcenter.  A Liaison meeting schedule through August 2016 is attached.