The Liaison Committee met Thursday October 18 at Pioneer Title Meridian. Some of the issues discussed included:

1. Martin gave a legislative update. On the election front there is not much happening after the active primaries. The gubernatorial and superintendent of education seem to be the bigger races drawing the most attention. There will however be a number of changes in committee members and several new legislators to get to know. The DOI Rules review project is ongoing and the Legislative Committee is reviewing. This is a longer term project with suggested revisions for consolidation targeted for the 2020 session. 

2. The flat fee proposal presented by Phil McGrane is garnering support from the Idaho Association of Counties inclusive of the County Recorders.

3. The HOA fee issue continues to be monitored. Martin advised the HOA management companies are trying to get better organized this year and form an association and retain a lobbyist. There has been word that legislative proposals will be made but nothing has surfaced at this time. Changes and increased charges seem to be escalating and creating issues.

4. The earnest money instruction issue seems to be on the back burner but we will stay in contact with the realtors if they want to discuss further.

5. Remote Online Notary looks like it will be an active issue this session. We continue to work with the lobbyist for the Uniform Law Commission (ULC) and lenders to review and approve the ULC draft on remote notary with a goal to have the Secretary of State run the bill as a progression from the recent bill they ran regarding electronic notary. We are requesting a mandate for e-recording be a component of the remote notary bill.

6. Redemption deeds were discussed in light of the recent meeting with the Canyon County officials. The issue turned to what is conveyed or not conveyed in this deed versus who it is issued to. The consensus from the Legislative Committee was that it was not really a title issue but a County issue.

7. An issue out of the e-recording issue was asked in terms of a document recorded in a County with a different time zone then the County it will have impact. How is the time difference noted?

8. Jim reported that he had a couple of consumer issues but nothing out of the ordinary. He is finishing up the last of the exams. 3 year escrow audits are starting to come in. The online license renewal project is still progressing but looks to not be available this upcoming year as they work out the final kinks.

9. Jim brought up the 5 year exam issue that has previously been discussed as the underwriters possibly taking over. Jim is reviewing what other states do and how often they exam. Jim advised that their exams have only noted minor discrepancies. This is a topic the DOI is reviewing in conjunction with rule consolidations, etc. to streamline the DOI as far as rules and administrative functions.

10. Regional education trainings are scheduled. Daryl advised that a morning session repeated in the afternoon will be held December 5 in Twin Falls and December 6 in Idaho Falls. A tentative date of January 9 was set for Coeur d’ Alene. Daryl is solidifying topics and locations but it will be a 3 hour session of two topics in the morning and repeated in the afternoon. If you have topics you want heard there is a small window of time to contact Daryl to discuss getting them on the agenda.

11. The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday November 8 at the DOI.

Thanks. John