The Liaison Committee met Thursday November 8 at the DOI. Some of the issues discussed included:

1. Jim gave a DOI update. There was minor activity regarding consumer issues with just a couple complaints on general issues. Jim is finishing up on exams. Jim reminded that those that had three year escrow audits to get them in. Renewals are starting to come in. Other than that it has been relatively quiet from the DOI on title issues.

2. Martin gave a legislative update. On the election front there were not any real surprises. However, Martin did note that West Boise (Dist. 15) is flipping to democrats. This was countered in District 5 in Latah County where the legislators switched to republican. Martin advised that he felt there would be major changes implemented by Gov. Little regarding leadership and agency heads but no agencies or people have been identified at this time.

3. Martin advised that with elections over the Legislative Committee would rev up its review of the DOI Rules project in terms of looking at ways to consolidate and streamline. On other issues Phil McGrane won the Ada County Recorder’s position and his flat fee bill looks to be gaining some momentum. We will remove the earnest money instruction issue as it has garnered very little to no discussion.

4. On the HOA fee issue Martin advised that the HOA management companies had formed an association and had reached out to the realtors about proposing a new law but nothing has been circulated. The parties know that the lenders and ILTA want to participate in any movement on this issue. MGM apparently is circulating info sheets that title companies are requiring estoppel certificates and are passing on the bills to consumers. This seems to be erroneous made up info based on language out of Florida as no one was aware of estoppel certificates being requested. Please share any info regarding management companies with Martin or the Board as Martin is compiling scenarios that have been increasing.

5. Martin advised it is extremely likely a remote notary bill will be brought this year and will be RULONA based. Possible sponsors are being lined up and it is our intent to include a mandate for e-recording into the bill to address that issue. It appears the realtors, lenders and uniform law commission will all be on board.

6. Dean brought up an issue out of Canyon County regarding death certificates where the County is not providing copies stating that death certificates are restricted due to sensitive info. At this time it appears they are not providing the docs at all versus redacting info and providing. Local parties will make contact and see if the issue can be worked out and if this is isolated to Canyon County. If anyone else is experiencing this issue please contact Martin or a Board member.

7. The regional trainings are set for December 5 in Twin Falls at the TitleOne; December 6 in Idaho Falls at Alliance Title; and, January 9 in Coeur d’ Alene at First American. The Twin Falls and Idaho Falls trainings will be 9-12 with a repeat from 1-4. Coeur d’ Alene will be 9-12 with a repeat from 12:30-3:30. Please see the attached flyer and RSVP to Daryl. The trainings will consist of two topics – Cindy Guanell on understanding title commitments and Glen Roberts on title policies – which is the best one for the customer. A fourth training will take place in Ada/Canyon County with a projected date in January. The exact date and location will be announced in the near future.

8. The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday December 13 at the TFC Boise office (Phil’s Office) at 406 W. Franklin St.

Thanks. John