The Liaison Committee met Thursday May 16 at the DOI.  Some of the issues discussed included:

1.      The meeting largely centered on the Rules authorization issue that resulted at the end of the legislative session this year that has been reported in prior meeting minutes.  Because of a dispute the Rules were not approved.  Every year existing Rules are approved along with new ones.  What this means is that the existing Rules are in effect to July 1 but then expire.  The DOI will present temporary proposed Rules to the Governor’s Office on June 12 such that the temporary Rules will be in place July 1 through the end of next year’s legislative session (approximately March 31). 

2.      Director Cameron and Jim Scanlon presented the DOI’s proposed temporary Rules.  These are draft Rules and presented to the ILTA as a courtesy and for discussion but with a very limited window for review given the June 12 due date.  At this time Rule 1 regarding the plant law remains unchanged and will be presented to move forward with the DOI package of Rules.  Rule 39 is proposed to be eliminated but substantive provisions are proposed to be incorporated into Rule 25.  The temporary proposed Rules by the DOI are in line with Gov. Otter’s and now Gov. Little’s direction to review Rules and eliminate those outdated and no longer necessary; make revisions as needed; and, consolidate  with the goal to reduce Rules and regulatory burdens as much as possible.

3.      Attached are the temporary proposed Rules from the DOI.  Highlights would include preservation of the plant law; elimination of the three year escrow audit requirement that would be incorporated into the 5 year title review; incorporation of the Rule 39 requirements regarding financial interest of ownership and required disclosures into Rule 25; and, consolidation of the anti-rebate and illegal inducement provisions into Rule 56.  Rule 56 includes some proposals for increases in permitted allowances as a point of discussion.

4.      Areas that were discussed that may also need some updating include the good funds provisions.  Guidance on social media issues was also mentioned.  The window is very narrow to provide comments on the temporary proposed Rules before they are sent to the Governor’s Office.  If you have comments please contact a Board member or member of the Legislative Committee (Bob Rice, Phil DeAngeli, Jesse Hamilton, Cindy Guanell, Allan Knight) on or before Friday June 7.  After July 1 there will be additional opportunity to make comment in the negotiated rule making process but now is the chance to comment before the temporary Rule proposals are submitted. 

5.      A reminder was given to mark your calendar for the Pacific NW Convention August 1-3 at Skamania Lodge (about 30 minutes east of Portland on the Washington side of the Columbia River).  Save the Date Info and the latest Agenda are attached.  Links to register are:

This link, along with the agenda, hotel reservation link and the mail in registration form is also on our website:

6.      The next meeting is re-scheduled to Monday June 10 at a location to be determined. 

Thanks.  John