The Liaison Committee met Thursday May 12 at Alliance Title Parkcenter. Some of the issues discussed included:

  1. Jim was unable to attend the meeting so there was no DOI update.
  2. John recapped a legislative report from Martin. The ILTA made some PAC donations to several legislators involved in contested primaries – Sen. Abby Lee; Sen. Patti Anne Lodge; Rep. Luke Malek; Rep. Christy Perry; and, Rep. Rich Wills. Nothing is on the table for oil and gas issues so we continue to monitor. Ric has draft legislation for the flat recording fee issue. He has received stats from other groups and the data all support the numbers he has proposed in the draft. Martin, Hilary and the legislative committee will coordinate with Ric/Jesse to finalize review of the draft legislation so we can proactively move forward with discussions with the Association of Counties this summer. The Association of Counties has expressed support and also expressed support for e-recordings in the 6 straggler Counties. We are also working with the Counties on their proposal for an affidavit to be recorded in lieu of recording Death Certificates. It looks very promising to package up these three issues and work with the Counties for 2017 legislative approvals.
  3. A new issue from the Secretary of State’s Office has come up regarding e-signature/e-notary and the adoption of a model act. We are participating on the review committee to determine what is being proposed and to have a voice should issues develop.
  4. A working session for Rule 56 possible changes has been scheduled for June 1. Issues being discussed include employee transactions; trade association sponsorships; meals and entertainment daily amounts; education programs; what can be given out free of charge in coordination with technology advancements that have developed over time; and, social media thank you’s. If you have thoughts/comments please let us know.
  5. DOI audits was briefly discussed. A few agents (smaller agents in particular) have commented that the audit scope seems onerous regarding some of the requests in terms of time and cost. There was also mention that the questionnaire could be revamped/simplified a bit and that would help improve the process. If you have thoughts or comments on this matter please let us know.
  6. The out of County closing issue was discussed. It seems that it is a narrow issue that came up with regard to regional outsourcing. In this context it may be the issue can be addressed/resolved with better disclosure/notice so consumers are aware of choices regarding the closing location. Consumers who are aware and choose to close in Counties different than the location of the property seems to be a different scenario and not an issue of concern. An issue from the past in using different closing offices as a mechanism/gimmick to capture business also does not seem to be the scenario at hand and is one the DOI was clear in the past as stating was a violation. If you have comments/thoughts on this matter please let us know.
  7. Mark your calendar for the 2016 Pacific NW Convention hosted by Oregon in Sunriver September 9-11.
  8. Also mark your calendar for the 2017 ed seminar that will be back at The Grove on a Thursday- Friday format but in the middle of the month – March 16-17.
  9. Also attached are the 2016 DUES FORMS. For those that already submitted – thanks.
  10. The next meeting is Thursday June 9 at 10:00 at Alliance Title Parkcenter.

Thanks. John