The Liaison Committee met Wednesday March 7 at The Grove Hotel. Some of the issues discussed included:

1. Martin advised the changes to Rules 25 and 56 were approved but do not go into effect until the legislative is sine die which should be soon.

2. Our bill to amend/clarify charges on flat fees was approved by both houses and sent to the Governor.

3. Our bill to amend employee reimbursements to include escrow fees was approved by both houses and sent to the Governor.

4. The HOA Fees bill brought by the realtors had the most discussion as there were many HOA property managers who spoke out against the bill. The Bill was amended per this discussion where in there was agreement to soften the bill such that there would be a 5 day turn time for the info. However, at this time no repercussions were set so this is a matter that will need to be monitored. No rush fees were allowed. A specific fee or cap was also not part of the bill. Fees for this information are only allowed if the HOA identifies the fees in an annual disclosure to all members by January 1. While the HOA property managers agreed to these amendments they had no lobbyist or representation and made negative comments about realtors and title even though they agreed to the amendments. Nevertheless, the bill passed out of both houses with some votes against and was sent to the Governor.

5. Martin also advised that the administrative hearings bill was killed and that there was a cleanup notary bill that was passed.

6. Nick brought up that was soliciting info on blockchain. It seemed that they were trying to find info regarding title plants that would satisfy blockchain algorithms. This sounded very similar to the discussion Jim conveyed regarding a call to the DOI from States Title.

7. Blockchain is on the agenda for presentation at the Pacific NW convention in Coeur d’ Alene. We are in the process of finalizing a speaker.

8. Escrow rates have been filed and amended. Attached is a copy from Jim. Please be mindful that these are amended so the attached may not be the most current.

9. Mark your calendar for the 2018 Pacific NW Convention hosted by the ILTA at the Coeur d’ Alene Resort August 2-4.

10. The March Ed Seminar was successful with 125 registered.

11. The 2018 Dues Drive is Kicking off. Attached are the dues forms.

12. The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday April 12 at Alliance Title Parkcenter.

Thanks. John