The Liaison Committee met Thursday July 11 at Fidelity National Title 3715 Overland.  Some of the issues discussed included:

1.      Jim gave a DOI update and started by extending his thanks from Director Cameron for our assistance in helping with the Rules review so it could be included in the DOI big package to the Governor’s Office.  The title Rules are effective as of July 1 and will be part of the DOI’s Omnibus Review package.  On the consumer front Jim advised that he has had a couple of minor issues regarding earnest money inquiries.  All his exams will be concluded by the end of the 3rd quarter. Jim advised that the DOI has a new Deputy Director and he will have him come by for introductions at the September meeting which will be at the DOI.

2.      Martin gave a legislative update.  The flat recording fee proposal is on track and it will create a fifth catch all bucket for all docs not fitting in the prior buckets.  This will be an ILTA bill and Megan Blanksma will carry the bill for us.  Martin will coordinate with Dorothy Moon who had objected to the single fee bill that Phil McGrane brought last session that failed due to lack of justification for the dollar number for the single fee. 

3.      Martin has not heard anything regarding HOA issues.  If you hear of new issues please let Martin or a Board member know. 

4.      The RON law goes into effect January 1, 2020 and draft Rules have been presented to the Sec of State for review.  We will coordinate with the lenders.  Attached is a copy of the draft rules.  If you have any comments please let Martin or a Board member know.  

5.      Nothing new has surfaced regarding the hemp issue although there was some comment that marijuana (medicinal) may make its way as a ballot issue.

6.      Martin has asked Megan Blanksma to request an AG opinion for us on the indigency care lien issue and we are waiting for a response. The issue would ask for clarification of the opening line of the statute stating there is an automatic lien on real property versus subsequent clauses that outline how the County may perfect its lien in the specific County the property is located. 

7.      Other issues that were discussed were data privacy.  This is an ALTA and national issue as there is a trend toward implementation of oppressive restrictions on data that potentially impact the way usual business is conducted.  ALTA has a task force reviewing this issue.  Related to this issue is the data privacy issue that has risen out of the RON legislation and what information can third parties use and/or sell that they obtain access to and what liability will the local title agents that close transactions have regarding that use or with issues they will have with customer relations.

8.      Another ALTA and national issue is wire fraud and ALTA is launching a campaign.  Bob Rice had shared info from UT about the UT realtors or the UT Real Estate Commission actively campaigning on this issue.  This might be something for us to explore further in conjunction with the Idaho realtors.

9.      The new purchase contract was also discussed that has a selection box regarding a homeowners expanded coverage endorsement.  This is not a generic endorsement but specific to select underwriters and will require modifications to the contract.  It seems a bit reminiscent of the past issue regarding the pre-filled box for selection of title agents.  Martin will contact the realtors association about changes to this form.  Jim is also reviewing from the DOI perspective as it could be viewed as a coverage decision or giving insurance advice improperly. 

10.   The next Liaison meeting will be held as part of the Business Meeting at the Pacific NW Convention in Skamania Lodge Thursday August 1 at 2:00.  It is not too late to attend but you will need to act quickly.  Whether you attend or not the Convention is a big part of our IPAC Fundraising so please send a silent auction item.  Registration links are below and the room block has expired but there is a Best Western across the river and the link is:

This link, along with the agenda, hotel reservation link and the mail in registration form is also on our website:

11.  As part of the Business Meeting the election of officers will take place.  If you are not able to attend and wish to vote in the election, you may do so by email-in vote.  The nominated candidate list follows.  If you wish to write in a non-listed candidate in any of the officer slots, please type the name in the indicated area.


The nominated slate of officers:

President – Heather Wichman, Coeur d’ Alene  ______

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VP Southeast – Jay Williams, Blackfoot  ______

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VP Southwest – Robin Aberasturi, Boise  ______

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VP Panhandle – Denise Potts, Coeur d’ Alene ______

Write In Candidate –  (Name)    _____________________________

Sec/Treasurer – John Holt, Eagle ______

Write In Candidate –   (Name)   _____________________________

Past President – Cameron McFaddan, Boise    ____________

Please remember that votes are per business membership.  If you vote by Email-in, please sign below (typed signature) to certify your authorization to vote for your office membership. 

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Another option to voting is to fill in the ballot and sign certifying authorization and have someone hand deliver the ballot to the business meeting prior to 2:00pm on Thursday, August 1, 2019.

Thanks.  John