The Liaison Committee met Friday July 21 at Alliance Title in Coeur d’ Alene. Some of the issues discussed included:

1. Martin advised that the ILTA participated at the DOI rulemaking hearing July 18 regarding amendments to Rules 25 and 56 that focus on cancelation fees. The main change from the DOI centers on making cancelation fees a permissive charge versus a mandated charge. After some discussion on filing fees and the amount of the fees the DOI determined at this point the Rules will not be based on a rate filing and silent as far as a specific fee. Part of Rule 25 is being tweaked but provides that it is a rebate for a title insurer or title insurance agent to provide a title commitment without an order. Rule 56 mirrors this language regarding illegal inducements stating the same premise – a title commitment cannot be issued without an order. The realtors are expected to submit comments to the DOI shortly.
2. Martin advised the ILTA continues to work with the realtors and lenders on the HOA fee issue. The realtors led the issue in last year’s session and will continue in the role for the coming year. John advised that this issue is before other states and asked Elizabeth with ALTA for any assistance in identifying those states and any legislation that has been produced.
3. The Legislative Committee drafted amendments to I.C. § 41-1315A regarding employee reimbursements to extend the discount or reimbursement to escrow fees in addition to title insurance. We are also exploring whether the statute can be changed from the present context that allows discounts but only to bona fide full time salaried employees. Salaried and full time present substantial limitations.
4. The straggler Counties with e-recordings is being whittled down. Josh at Simplifile has taken the lead in contact with the Counties. Boundary, Franklin and Butte Counties have indicated they are ready to move forward. Shoshone has said they will not. Nez Perce County indicated they would move forward but Josh is still waiting for a bona fide commitment from them.
5. The flat fee legislation we just passed has a wrinkle that has been identified recently – what the charge should be for recordings in excess of 30 pages. The ILTA will run a cleanup/clarification bill next session. At this time the Association of Counties has sent a memo to the Counties that an additional $3/page should be added to the flat fee amount for pages in excess of 30. A couple of Counties have expressed that the fee should be the original formula for any recording that exceeds the 30 pages claiming that to do otherwise would make them revenue negative. It was discussed that we should gather data to determine how many recordings exceed 30 pages. It was felt the number of recordings would be a small number so the impact would be negligible. Another issue that needs clarification is modifications of trust deeds and perhaps substitutions of trustees and reconveyances (whether these are one or two recordings?).
6. Heather and Jack updated the group that the Marci Breshears buyer scam in Coeur d’ Alene that was identified last month seems to have disappeared. This was the scam where Marci Breshears was visiting offices on the premise of opening a contract and saying she was going to provide earnest money and then doesn’t but then later asks for a refund in what seems like a possible fraud scam.
7. John identified a project the Board has been working on in response to the fact that we have no individual licensing and no continuing ed requirements. To enhance the professionalism of our industry the Board created an Idaho Title Professional program and designation. It is designed to be a stepping stone to receiving the National Title Professional designation that ALTA awards. The application is attached and the Board is ready to review applications and award the ITP designation. Please review the application and submit your application and/or review the application and determine where you might be short on the requirements to create a plan individually or in conjunction with your employer to work toward receiving this designation. The Board believes certification in the title industry is a great marketing tool to demonstrate your knowledge and professionalism in our industry as well as a worthy achievement.
8. The ITP and NTP are based on a combination of experience; attendance at conventions, seminars and other programs; and, authoring and presenting. The focus is on participation and commitment versus just being interested from the sidelines.
9. Dovetailing with the ITP and commitment and involvement is the Pacific NW Convention hosted by Washington in Suncadia August 17-19. Registration flyer and agenda attached. It is not too late to register and take advantage of the education and updates on timely topics, networking with regional and national peers, and visiting vendors with the latest tools to enhance your operations.
10. The next meeting will be 2:00 pacific time Thursday, August 17 in the Venera Room at Suncadia Resort at the Pacific NW Convention.

An important segment of the Thursday August 17 meeting is the annual ILTA Business Meeting and election of officers to serve for the coming year. If you are not able to attend and wish to vote in the election, you may do so by email-in vote. The nominated candidate list follows. If you wish to write in a non-listed candidate in any of the officer slots, please type the name in the indicated area.
The nominated slate of officers:
President – Daryl Olsen, Idaho Falls ______
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VP Southwest – Cameron McFaddan, Boise ______
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VP Panhandle – Heather Wichman, Coeur d’ Alene ______
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VP Southeast – Jay Williams, Blackfoot ______
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Sec/Treasurer – John Holt, Eagle ______
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Past President – JT Jacobsen, Coeur d’ Alene ____________

Please remember that votes are per business membership. If you vote by Email-in, please sign below (typed signature) to certify your authorization to vote for your office membership.

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Another option to voting is to fill in the ballot and sign certifying authorization and have someone hand deliver the ballot to the business meeting prior to 2:00pm on Thursday, August 17, 2017.

Thanks. John