The Liaison Committee met Thursday January 11 at the DOI. Some of the issues discussed included:

1. Jim advised he was finishing up the exams and there was nothing extraordinary to report (no penalties and everything looked good). Jim advised the rule changes to Rule 25 and 56 regarding cancelation fees is on schedule and will be reviewed by the House Business Committee and then to the Senate Commerce Committee. A date for the review has not been set yet.

2. Jim asked if anyone was familiar with States Title who has made several contacts to the DOI about licensing but no info has been provided. The web site does not contain any info.

3. Jim further advised there were no consumer issues of note to report.

4. Martin advised our flat fee amendment bill is ready to go. There have been on comments from the realtors or lenders and we are waiting for final comment from the Counties but we incorporated their preferences in our amendment. These include clarifying the fee as the flat fee and $3/page for pages beyond the designated page amount; adding in a stand-alone substitution of trustee doc; and, not adding any reference to re-recorded docs. Re-recorded docs was an issue that was isolated to a couple of Counties. The ILTA will issue a “white paper” on this topic that the Counties will work with the Recorders to incorporate.

5. Martin advised the HOA fee issue is progressing with the realtors and they are amending their draft to add in teeth/repercussions. This wrinkle is still under review.

6. Our employee reimbursement bill was discussed and is ready to go. We clarified that we wanted this as an isolated matter so as not to get mixed in with other lines of insurance who do not have this issue.

7. The straggler e-recording issue continues with Nez Perce County the seemingly last holdout. However, Daryl advised that he received recent information that indicates Nez Perce is getting on board and that they are working through computer integration issues.

8. The January 16 regional training in Coeur d’ Alene has 68 registered to date. The regional trainings have been well received and the coming year might add in a couple more (Twin Falls and Boise areas). There was discussion that the March ed seminar agenda be arranged so there is 3 distinct segments. The Board worked on this and there will be a Thursday morning segment on core issues. The Thursday afternoon segment will be management focused and the Friday segment will be core issues. We will offer a separate registration per segment to encourage more locals to attend.

9. Mobile notaries was discussed. It was discussed that agents using mobile notaries do so via a vetting process. The business model of the customer most likely drives the use of the mobile notary – i.e. smaller counties that are providing title work but the closing takes place in a larger market and/or via use of mobile notaries versus closing at a local title company. Discussion was that the customer drives the vendors – i.e. the national lender has vetted a title company in a larger market but not the local agent and this in turn drives use of mobile notaries.

10. Mark your calendar for the 2018 Ed Seminar on March 8-9 at the Grove Hotel – Thursday/Friday format. Agenda and registration will be emailed shortly.

11. Mark your calendar for the 2018 Pacific NW Convention hosted by the ILTA at the Coeur d’ Alene Resort August 2-4.

12. The next meeting is scheduled for 10:00 Thursday February 8 at TitleOne – 1101 W. River St., Ste. 201. The liaison meeting schedule for 2018 is attached.

Thanks. John