The Liaison Committee met Thursday January 12 at the DOI. Some of the issues discussed included:

1. Jim gave an update on several DOI issues. Jim had no recent unusual consumer related and marketing issues to report. The Rule 56 amendments are progressing. Jim believes there will be a hearing next week in front of the Senate Commerce Committee. The Director will be presenting the changes.
2. Jim is still waiting for Red Vision to reply to his information request to fully analyze their product(s) in conjunction with his unlicensed entity and product investigation.
3. Jim advised the DOI has a revamped website and he made a presentation. The site contains new information regarding title agents. Go to and right under the Idaho Department of Insurance banner one of the choices is “Licensed Professionals”. In this tab select “Agents Home” and then “License Types”. “Title Agent” is the last in the alphabetical list of license types. Selecting the “Title Agent” tab brings you to a list that includes licensing and renewal information; current filed escrow rates by County; 3 year escrow audit instructions; and, items reviewed by the DOI in its 5 year market conduct exams and copies of the 2016 Market Conduct Exam Reports and Orders.
4. Martin gave a legislative update. The e-recording issue seems to have whittled down further as Boundary, Butte and Franklin appear to have projects in the works. That leaves Nez Perce, Shoshone and Adams Counties without e-recording. Martin had discussions with the Association of Counties who indicate support of a law that would mandate the stragglers to get on board. Martin will work on a draft bill that will be circulated to the Counties. Martin has also been working with the Counties on our flat recording fee bill. We have amended the bill to 30 pages per the Counties comments but our analysis did not indicate a need to add in some kind of timeline review to the legislation per their suggestion. Instead we will work on a Memorandum of Understanding that we will present to the Counties pertaining to future review. Martin and Hilary have not heard anything recently from the Secretary of State working group on the e-notary legislation. Hilary is reaching out to see what the status is. Martin is still working with the realtors on their condo fee bill. A draft should be available for review soon as they have a sponsor already lined up. As an FYI – Gallatin PA dissolved its Boise office so Martin now heads his own company – Bilbao and Company. Martin can be reached at 208-989-6417 or .
5. Martin will present a grassroots presentation at the working lunch of the ed seminar at 12:00 on Monday Feb 13. The presentation will go over talking points . We will also have print outs of the legislators that indicated they would attend to see what district they are from. We will also create a white paper of title industry information on what impact and significance the title industry has in the state.
6. The ed seminar is scheduled for Feb 13-14, 2017 at The Grove where we have a room block under the Idaho Land Title Association. The room block expires this Friday January 20 so call or use the following link to reserve your room.
Toll Free: 888-961-5000
Local: 208-489-2222
7. The 2017 Pacific NW convention will be hosted by Washington at Suncadia August 16-18, 2017.
8. The next meeting will be 10:00 Monday February 13 at The Grove Hotel.

Thanks. John