The Liaison Committee met Monday February 13 at the cattails room of The Grove Hotel. Some of the issues discussed included:

1. Jim gave an update on several DOI issues. Jim just received some info from Red Vision but it was not very forthcoming. This is a work in progress at this time.
2. 2016 exams were completed. The 2017 schedule will be sent out shortly. Jim also reminded that escrow rate filings are due in March.
3. Jim also reported on an investigation into Reliant Escrow and Transaction Coordinators. The Department of Finance is issuing a cease and desist to this entity as their investigation indicates this is a money scam. They are a national outfit with a broker in New Jersey. The Boise address is just a mail drop. Their website talks about escrow, lenders, and title insurance but the site is a mimic of Title Services, Inc. out of Missoula who is a licensed escrow operation. Reliant Escrow was initially formed by two individuals from Ontario, Oregon in 2000 but the business was shut down in 2002. This scam outfit utilized the bones of the old business to try and give it legitimacy.
4. Jace advised of an issue with Counties (Fremont and Minidoka) that is concerning. These Counties will not accept an affidavit of death coupled with a WD from a surviving spouse to transfer title and taxes after the 3 year statute of limitations has expired for probate for a deceased spouse. In order to record and pass taxes these Counties are requiring legal expense be incurred that results in a document being signed by a judge. A Decree Vesting Estate in Surviving spouse has been utilized in an attorney filing short of a probate and costing approximately $500-700. Apparently a new deputy prosecutor in Fremont County is pushing this and he is getting support from attorneys looking to make an extra buck. Discussion indicated that Fremont and Minidoka were the only Counties identified at this time. If your County is also doing this please let us know. Some indicated their County will accept the affidavit even before the 3 year statute of limitations has expired unless there is a will. Martin is going to do some investigating as we do not want to see this issue mushroom.
5. The ed seminar and new Monday/Tuesday format was discussed due to scheduling issues and bringing back the legislative reception. The Thursday/Friday format was preferred. People were generally ok with the seminar being in February although a few commented that February was still have winter road conditions (although this year may be an aberration).
6. The 2017 Pacific NW convention will be hosted by Washington at Suncadia August 16-18, 2017.
7. The next meeting will be 10:00 Thursday March 9 at Martin’s office at 702 W. Idaho St. 7th Floor. This is the KeyBank Building on the corner of Idaho an Capitol.

Thanks. John