The Liaison Committee met Thursday February 12, 2015 at Alliance Title Parkcenter.  Some of the issues discussed were:


  1. Jim Scanlon advised that the DOI 5 year audits are ready to start.    Jim is on the agenda for the upcoming ed seminar for a DOI update presentation Thursday March 5 at approximately 4:15.  Part of Jim’s update will include details of the new DOI audit scope, practice and procedures.  Jim advised that at this time a new Director has not been named.  Tom Donovan is the acting Director.  If a new Director is named Jim will try to bring the Director to the seminar for an introduction and/or bring Tom over depending on the legislative schedule.
  2. Trust Deeds recorded by American Title out of Nebraska in Bonneville and Canyon Counties were provided to Jim for investigation if they are connected to unlicensed product or entity activity.
  3. Lyn and Larry provided a legislative update.  No action on a legislative front will be taken by the Counties regarding the separate charge for the multi titled doc issue.  We are monitoring and will be involved in follow up discussion with the Counties.
  4. The Supreme Court decision on the Parkwest matter did not fully address the issues outlined in our amicus brief.  Counsel Tom Dvorak felt the decision was partially what we wanted in terms of limiting its scope to mechanic liens.  The Legislative Committee is going to review further to determine if legislative action is necessary to tidy up the matter.  Tom Dvorak will recap the decision and provide his thoughts at the ed seminar March 5.
  5. Discussions have been held with the proponent (ALTA Mesa) of the oil and gas lease issues .  ALTA Mesa was invited to make a presentation at the ed seminar that will include discussion of the lease so we can see what their issues are.  A presentation from associate member, Hethe Clark of Spink Butler, will follow that ALTA Mesa presentation.
  6. Lyn and Larry are working with the realtors and lenders on the CPL issue before looping back to the underwriters.  The realtors and lenders seem to be circulating some info that does not make sense – i.e. only Wells Fargo and US Bank require CPL’s.  Other issues regard concern with reference to buyers and borrowers and a misunderstanding as to what happens if a CPL is not requested.
  7. The Ed Seminar is Thursday and Friday March 5-6 at the Red Lion Downtowner.  The agenda and speakers are top notch together with the opportunity to visit with peers.  Hope to see you there.
  8. Please also mark your calendar for the 2015 Pacific NW Convention hosted by Idaho at the Coeur d’ Alene Resort August 6-8.
  9. The next Liaison meeting will be at 3:00 Wednesday March 4 at the Red Lion Downtowner Bannock Room.