The Liaison Committee met Thursday December 14 at the downtown First American office. Some of the issues discussed included:

1. Martin advised that the proposed changes to Rules 25 and 56 that center on the cancelation fee issue are progressing forward and will be scheduled into the legislative calendar for review and approval.
2. Our flat fee amendment is progressing. The Legislative committee is finishing review and will have a proposal to the Board soon. We had proposed to the County a tiered system for pages beyond the 30 page threshold or an additional $3/page for each page beyond. After discussion with the Counties they preferred the $3/page option. We will also be amending to add in a stand-alone substitution of trustee doc and a stand-alone reconveyance doc. We will also be putting together a white paper that will be circulated on the matter for clarification of charges.
3. Our employee reimbursements proposal was reviewed by the DOI and we are inputting their comments. This bill should be ready to go for the upcoming legislative session.
4. The e-recording issue is stuck with two Counties. The Shoshone County Recorder is purportedly retiring so this issue may soon be resolved. Nez Perce County is the lone holdout and the Recorder will not indicate a timeline to move to e-recording, although she has indicated she will.
5. The HOA fee issue is being led by the realtors and a draft is being circulated.
6. The regional training in the panhandle has been set for January 16, 2016 in Coeur d’ Alene and will have a morning presentation repeated in the afternoon. The specific location for the training has not been determined yet. Jeff Wiener is set to speak on railroad and access issues. Heather is pinning down an attorney for a presentation on probate. More details to follow.
7. Mark your calendar for the 2018 Ed Seminar on March 8-9 at the Grove Hotel – Thursday/Friday format. Topics are being finalized but we look to have probate presentation from Jason Melville at Hawley Troxell; a “Dirty Laundry” panel discussion with stories of wire fraud and actual scams; escrow topics regarding authority (trusts, LLC’s); railroad issues; ethics; Daryl Olsen on management training issues based on the Covey 7 Habits. Other issues being explored are good funds and bitcoin; endorsements and commercial underwriting; and remote notary – the technical process of how it works versus legal issues. If you have any topics you would like to hear please let us know.
8. Mark your calendar for the 2018 Pacific NW Convention hosted by the ILTA at the Coeur d’ Alene Resort August 2-4.
9. The next meeting is scheduled for 10:00 Thursday January 11 at the DOI. The 2018 schedule for meetings is attached.

Thanks and Happy Holidays!!. John