The Liaison Committee met Thursday April 11 at Alliance Title Emerald.  Some of the issues discussed included:

1.      Martin gave a Legislative update.  The legislative session is nearing an end with a couple legislative battles in limbo – appropriation for House renovation and bill to approve all Rules.   Post meeting Martin advised that no agreement could be reached and the House appropriation bill for renovations was killed so the House killed the bill to approve all Rules.  With this “agreement” the legislature adjourned sine die. 

2.      The DOI Rules review project will heat up after the legislative session ends.

3.      Phil McGrane’s flat fee bill died in committee as even his revised lower number to $27 received opposition as a revenue increase.  We will review further this summer and will also explore a catch all bucket where all docs that don’t fit into the named buckets will have their own fee.  This option will at least clear up questions.

4.      Nothing was presented on the HOA front this session so this is an area we need to monitor.

5.      The Remote Online Notary issue passed and now the Secretary of State will move to developing Rules.  This will be in conjunction with the effective date of the legislation being January 1, 2020.  We should have an idea on what the Rules will be later this summer and in the fall when our regional trainings are scheduled.

6.      The Hemp bill continues to morph beyond just a transportation issue but to a farming issue and what may be allowed.  This issue will be monitored to see if it develops further into an issue that could impact transactions.

7.      Highway Right of Way Deeds were discussed.  Dean discussed a case out of Canyon County that ruled a ROW deed granted fee simple versus an easement right.  We will monitor to see if this matter is appealed which seemed unlikely due to the parties involved not having the resources.  As such, it could be an isolated case to Canyon County but as discussed presents inconsistency on how these deeds are treated.

8.      A reminder was given to mark your calendar for the Pacific NW Convention August 1-3 at Skamania Lodge (about 30 minutes east of Portland on the Washington side of the Columbia River).  Save the Date Info is attached.

9.      Also attached are dues forms.  Most have submitted dues but if you haven’t please get your dues in as soon as possible – thanks.  Also note that membership listing on the ILTA website is moving to identification of name and reference to the agent’s website to better reflect current  personnel and office locations.

10.   The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday May 16 at the DOI.  A full schedule of Liaison meetings and locations is also attached. 

Thanks.  John