The Liaison Committee met Thursday April 14 at Alliance Title Parkcenter. Some of the issues discussed included:

  1. Jim was unable to attend the meeting so there was no DOI update.
  2. Hilary provided the legislative update. Our Parkwest amendment successfully passed into law. We continue to monitor the oil and gas lease issue but there is nothing active to our knowledge at this time. SB 1362 passed which was Sen. Davis’ amendment to judgments having a 10 year life as of July 1, 2015. The amendment addressed renewals to have a 10 year life. The amendment is retroactive such that any renewal made July 1, 2015 and forward has a 10 year renewal life. SB 1388 regarding tax sales to not include easements and rights of way in reference to encumbrances passed. Flat fee recording (stats from Pioneer and TitleOne to be sent to Ric), straggler Counties moving to e-recording, and a death certificate affidavit were discussed with the Counties. These 3 issues are actively progressing and look promising for being addressed next year with the Association of Counties sponsoring and/or supporting.
  3. Rule 56 possible changes was briefly discussed. Cameron is summarizing the responses/comments he has received to help with further discussion.
  4. Sponsoring of events by producers was discussed. There was discussion that the ILTA reach out to producers to invite them to be associate members and to donate $ for ILTA events.
  5. Job posting to the ILTA website was discussed with mixed feelings. If you have an opinion on this issue we would like to hear from you.
  6. Mark your calendar for the 2016 Pacific NW Convention hosted by Oregon in Sunriver September 9-11.
  7. Also attached are the 2016 DUES FORMS. For those that already submitted – thanks.
  8. The next meeting is Thursday May 12 at 10:00 at Alliance Title Parkcenter.

Thanks. John

2016 Fact Sheet – DOWNLOAD PDF
2016 Dues Form – DOWNLOAD PDF