The Liaison Committee met Thursday November 9 at the TFC office. Some of the issues discussed included:

1. Jim advised that there was little activity on the consumer issue front. DOI exams are in the final stages and as a whole look good. Jim reminded that 3 year escrow audits are due by the end of the year and that license renewals are also due by year end.
2. The proposed changes to Rules 25 and 56 that center on the cancelation fee issue are progressing forward and they are waiting for it to be scheduled on the legislative calendar. As stated in prior minutes and via Advisory from the DOI be mindful that the DOI expects regular processes and procedures to continue until such time as the proposed Rule amendments are approved and effective. If you are audited by the DOI and the exam shows procedures were changed this will be interpreted by the DOI as more suspicious activity and possible inducement activity resulting in further review and action.
3. Jim advised that the regional multistate DOI group still has an open investigation on the products that Fidelity National Agency Services is providing but he was still not in a position to report any findings or conclusions.
4. Martin advised our flat fee clarification bill will be a focus for the upcoming session. The fee beyond the 30 page benchmark will be addressed as well as issues like some Counties charging full fee for a re-recorded document, stand-alone substitution of trustee recordings, and similar unique interpretations by the Counties. The Legislative Committee is currently reviewing and working with the Counties for comments.
5. The HOA fee issue will be headed by the realtors in conjunction with the ILTA and lenders. They are still working on draft language.
6. Martin advised the draft amendment to employee reimbursement provisions to allow reimbursement for escrow has been forwarded to the DOI for comment.
7. Straggler Counties on e-recordings continues to move forward as we try to pin down Nez Perce County on whether they actually intend to move to e-recording with a specific timeline. The Shoshone County e-recording issue may resolve itself as the long time clerk in opposition is retiring.
8. We are monitoring the Administrative Hearing Officer discussion and at this time look to remain neutral.
9. The notary changes to the statutes this past legislative session purposefully did not address the remote notary issue. The matter was discussed at length but withheld for a later time for possible inclusion. After discussion the ILTA does not intend to instigate change to address the remote notary issue. Our positon at this time is to let the other states develop it as it is becoming a national issue. We also want to monitor with the lenders and realtors to see if they are going to push the issue. At this time we are gathering facts and info from across the states to be able to address when it comes up in Idaho.
10. The regional training in Pocatello was a success and the panhandle training is still in the works for the first week of December.
11. The ITP application is attached. Please review and submit your application to obtain a designation that will help you demonstrate your professionalism and dedication to our industry. If you have questions or would like help/comment in filling out the application please contact John, Daryl and Jay who can help review your application.
12. A new agent in Ada County was briefly discussed – Idaho Title Agency. This new agent is a title only agent venture between Keller Williams and NexTitle with Westcor underwriting.
13. Mark your calendar for the 2018 Ed Seminar on March 8-9 at the Grove Hotel – Thursday/Friday format.
14. Mark your calendar for the 2018 Pacific NW Convention hosted by the ILTA at the Coeur d’ Alene Resort August 2-4.
15. The next meeting is scheduled for 10:00 Thursday December 14 at the First American Downtown office (Hilary’s Office) at 800 W. Main St., Ste. 910 (9th floor of the Eight & Main building).

Thanks. John