Attached is the February Newsletter which focuses on the ed seminar from Feb 13-14. Next year’s ed seminar has been scheduled back to our traditional schedule for March 8-9, 2018 at The Grove Hotel. This will be on a Thursday-Friday format with a full day Thursday and legislative reception followed by a half day on Friday. Thanks. John

The Liaison Committee met Thursday March 9 at Martin’s office at 702 W Idaho Street. Some of the issues discussed included:

1. Jim gave an update on several DOI issues. Jim briefly recapped that Reliant Escrow is a timeshare scam that the Department of Finance has addressed with the issuance of a Cease and Desist Order.
2. Jim advised his investigation regarding Red Vision is still in process.
3. Similar to Red Vision, Jim has a new investigation regarding Fidelity National Agency Solutions who is issuing what looks like a lot book report or extensive search product and then moving it to insurance. Alan Knight advised Jim to contact him as he could get him some contact info.
4. Jim reminded everyone that the annual escrow rate filing is due March 14. Exams for the year are also getting underway.
5. The Rule 56 amendments will be effective sine die = when the legislature adjourns which is anticipated to be March 24. Jim will send out a recap of the amendments.
6. Martin advised the issue with Counties (Fremont and Minidoka at this time) that are not accepting an affidavit coupled with a WD from the surviving spouse to transfer title and taxes after the 3 year statute of limitations has expired for probate is an issue to be worked on over the spring and summer. If your County is joining this minority of Counties or talking about it please let us know as we need to know how big and growing of an issue this is.
7. Our flat recording fee bill (HB205) passed out of the House and is in the Senate. We anticipate passage which would be effective July 1.
8. E-recording with the straggler Counties is an ongoing issue. The 6 stragglers has been whittled to 4. We drafted mandatory language but time ran out to present our bill. This will be presented next year if the Counties don’t make the change voluntarily.
9. The e-notary amendments had a hiccup as a small group of legislators against uniform laws attempted to delay the process with a full reading of the bill. A motion was made to read the bill but have the objector read it which took 3 hours. The bill then passed and is in regular course again.
10. The condo cert fee bill that the realtors were pushing against was put on the back burner and will be addressed next year as no one was happy with the language. The language will be worked on over the summer as well as the appropriate place to address it which was also an issue.
11. Cancelation fees was a notable issue that came up to be addressed by next year. The issue came up via the Association of Realtors who were contacted by a title company. The Director wants to address this issue. The mandatory language is in question as it presents enforcement issues. Discussion ranged from eliminating the provision to modifying the rule to better describe when cancelation fees are inducements. If you have thoughts regarding cancelation fees please let us know as this issue will be addressed next year and the Board wants to make sure all viewpoints are expressed so any change is made with full perspective.
12. The 2018 ed seminar was booked for March 8-9 at The Grove Hotel. The seminar will go back to the Thursday-Friday format – full day Thursday and half day Friday. We are already on the legislature calendar and will host the legislative reception Thursday from 4:30-6:00.
13. Mark your calendar for the Pacific NW Convention hosted by Washington in Suncadia August 16-18.
14. The next meeting will be 10:00 Thursday April 13 at the DOI. The meeting will be call in available with details to be announced later.

Thanks. John