The Liaison Committee met Wednesday March 2 at the Grove Hotel.  Some of the issues discussed included:


  1. The meeting took place just ahead of the ed seminar the following morning and the meeting was short.  Last minute issues regarding the seminar were discussed.
  2. Martin advised that SB 1362 regarding the amendment to the bill from last year increasing the life of a judgment to 10 years was moving steadily thru the legislative process.  This year’s bill is a tidy up as last year’s bill neglected to address renewal of judgments.  This year’s amendment will match the renewal to 10 years.  Martin is monitoring some oil and gas discussion but it seems mostly centered on procedural matters.  SB 1388 also seems to be moving thru the process.  This bill amends encumbrances in tax sales to not be inclusive of easement and rights of way.  The hold out Counties on e-recording (Nez Perce, Boundary, Shoshone, Butte, Adams and Franklin) was discussed.  The e-signature, e-notary issue that came up in the last month is a more long term issue and will be monitored.
  3. Our Parkwestlegislation is also moving steadily forward with little to no questions/objections.
  4. The flat recording fees issue seems to be garnering support from a number of Counties.  The goal is for a proposal to be submitted with the Counties for next year’s legislation.  Bill proposals have already been drafted and numbers supporting the fee schedule should be complete in the next month or so and we will be ready to work with the Counties and other impacted industries moving forward.  The impetus on this matter is compliance with CFPB and accurate disclosures and making changes and disbursements (all issues related to compliance requirements).  The numbers will show a revenue neutral position for the Counties.  Factoring in multi titled docs will also need to be addressed.
  5. The ed seminar had a record turnout of 130.  Many issues were addressed from TRID discussion; cyber security; claims, fraud and deceptions; case law review; e-recording; possible DOI rule changes on Rule 56 and closings out of County; as well as Justice Eismann’s key note on the judicial process and his opinion on the political issues surrounding the US  Supreme Court Justice vacancy with the recent passing of Justice Scalia.  The ILLTA recorded the seminar and posting on our website will be available soon.
  6. The 2016 Pacific NW convention is set for September 9-11 and will be hosted by Oregon in Sunriver.
  7. Also attached are the 2016 DUES FORMS.
  8. The next meeting is Thursday April 14 at 10:00 at Alliance Title Parkcenter.

Thanks.  John



DOWNLOAD: ILTA Dues form 2016