The Liaison Committee met Thursday June 15 at the DOI. Some of the issues discussed included:

1. Jim advised that the DOI was working on draft changes to Rules 25 and 56 that would address the cancelation fee issue. A draft will be circulated to the ILTA soon in advance of the first scheduled rulemaking hearing set for 1:30 on July 18.
2. On other issues Jim advised that he has received some consumer issues but all are minor issues. Exams will be starting in the north in August and 3 year escrow audit letters were being sent out.
3. Jim advised that the regional state DOI’s were still reviewing the Fidelity National Agency Solutions issue regarding possible unlicensed products and their next meeting was rescheduled to August 2.
4. Martin supplemented Jim’s comments on the cancelation fee issue advising that the legislative committee had been meeting with the DOI for input/comments into the DOI drafts.
5. Martin advised that John Eaton had left the realtors association and moved to IACI (Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry). Max Pond is the realtors new government affairs director. They also have a new CEO – Isaac Chavez. Martin will be working with Max as the realtors lay out the plan to address the condo certs issue. This seems to be a growing issue and there are a couple of outfits pushing their upfront fees.
6. The legislative committee has a draft amendment that is being circulated to the Board prior to discussion with the DOI regarding employee reimbursements. The DOI had changed their positon that the statute allowed reimbursement of title insurance premiums to employees and the amendments clarify that escrow fees would also be allowed for inclusion for reimbursement at I.C. §41-1315A.
7. E-recording is down to 5 Counties. Josh at Simplifile is spearheading contact with the Counties and relayed that he had good conversations with 2 of the Counties. 2 other Counties were a bit evasive but indicated they were on board for the change. Shoshone County is the lone holdout.
8. Daryl confirmed that Bonneville County had stepped back on their subscription fees for a new system and are meeting with the local title agents. It appears they had the cart ahead of the horse in announcing charges that may have been more than the statutory fee per page. This issue now seems to be under control and we have a dialogue going with them moving forward.
9. Jesse & Heather described/warned of a possible scam going on in north Idaho. Marci Breshears is visiting offices on the premise of opening a contract and says she is going to provide earnest money and then doesn’t but then later asks for a refund in what seems like a possible fraud scam. Jim advised that the DOI fraud team would be happy to investigate.
10. Cameron outlined a wire fraud scam called the “Middle Man Approach” where hackers hack a seller’s email. In the particular case they changed one character in the email address and monitored until wire information came along. What brought the matter to detection was the grammar looked suspicious all of a sudden – it seemed like broken English or a wrong verb tense. Cindy suggested do not hit the button for that “reply all” when responding to an email but re-enter the email addresses. It was also suggested that calling buyers and sellers on wire info/changes may be in order or going old school and not using email. In any event the message was to be diligent at all times and keep an eye out for anything that seems suspicious and out of the ordinary. Cameron advised that was an FBI site to file claims regarding suspected wire fraud.
11. It was also brought up that Nevada passed remote notary.
12. Mark your calendar for the Pacific NW Convention hosted by Washington in Suncadia August 16-18. Registration flyer and agenda attached.
13. The 2018 ed seminar is scheduled for March 8-9 at The Grove Hotel. The seminar will go back to the Thursday-Friday format – full day Thursday and half day Friday. We are already on the legislature calendar and will host the legislative reception Thursday from 4:30-6:00.
14. Please see the attached email from the Secretary of State’s Office that the new notary form must be used on and after July 1. Website info and contact info for any questions are in the attached email.
15. The next meeting will be 10:00 pacific time Friday July 21 in Coeur d’ Alene at Alliance Title 2157 N. Main Street – call in available 866-951-1151;6789500.

Thanks. John