The Liaison Committee met Thursday June 9 at Alliance Title Parkcenter.  Some of the issues discussed included:

  1. Jim was unable to attend the meeting so there was no DOI update.
  2. Martin gave a legislative report.  The primary contenders we supported won except for Rich Wills who was one of the biggest upsets.  Wills was chair of the Judiciary & Rules Committee so there will be some changes in the coming year.  There is nothing new on the oil and gas front.  The package of issues with the Association of Counties is progressing.  The flat recording fee draft is almost finalized and we will work with the Counties.  We are also getting a copy of the ALTA draft flat recording fee bill to review.  The Counties should have a draft soon on the affidavit for death certificate issue for our review.  The Counties have advised support to get the straggler Counties to e-record.  We might consider a legislative proposal mandating as it would have support from the Counties.
  3. The Secretary of State’s Office e-signature/e-notary legislation was discussed.  The SOS favors the Uniform law over the Notary Act as it follows uniformity adopted in other states and is in a more simplified context.  The review group expressed disfavor with remote notarization but expects opposition to this component of the legislation.  We are also checking with ALTA to see if they support RULONA or another notary act.
  4. The ALTA federal conference promoted grass roots development and legislators understanding our business.  As such, the board decided to bring back the legislative reception.  This will be held in conjunction with the ed seminar.  Mark your calendar for the 2017 ed seminar that will be held at The Grove but will be  bit earlier than usual and on a Monday – Tuesday format.  The seminar will begin approximately 12-4:30 on Monday February 13.  The legislative reception will follow from 4:30-6.  Tuesday February 14 will be 8-5.
  5. Cameron’s working group on Rule 56 possible changes discussed many issues and a draft is being summarized for submission to the DOI to commence the negotiated rule making process this summer.  The proposal addresses employee transactions; trade association sponsorships; meals and entertainment daily amounts; education programs; what can be given out free of charge in coordination with technology advancements that have developed over time; and, social media thank you’s.  If you have thoughts/comments please let us know.
  6. Also mark your calendar and register for the 2016 Pacific NW Convention hosted by Oregon in Sunriver September 9-11.  The Registration form is attached.  The board approved two $500 scholarships.
  7. Also attached are the 2016 DUES FORMS.  For those that already submitted – thanks.
  8. The next meeting is Thursday June 14 at 10:00 at Alliance Title Parkcenter.

Thanks.  John

2016 Pacific NW Land Title Convention Registration – Download PDF