The Liaison Committee met Thursday July 19 at the DOI. Some of the issues discussed included:

1. Lisa Torgensen, Licensing Supervisor for the DOI, made a presentation about online license renewal or application. This would include online payment. The DOI is open to tweaking so that agents with multiple licenses can renew with streamlined check boxes per license with a single upload. Lisa is checking on the upload fees but indications are that it would be reasonable and an easier process versus paper filings. If you have comments please contact Lisa or Jim at the DOI.

2. Jim advised there was nothing out of the ordinary on consumer issues. He advised that he is about 90% complete on exams for the year. Jim advised the underwriter exam for the 5 year title/market conduct audit requirement was just an idea. Any input will be appreciated but the concept would be for underwriters to certify that agents are in compliance with the Rules. There are wrinkles that need to be thought through – i.e. direct operation agents; should the audits include market conduct by the underwriters or should that be separated out as a DOI audit (or would the underwriters even want to address market conduct?). The DOI has checklists they would share if the underwriters are interested in exploring this further. 

3. Martin advised that the elections will have more of an effect on leadership as to committee chairs and composition that won’t be known until the organizational meeting after the elections. The DOI Rules review is something Jim advised the Director is interested in but not interested in just for the sake of combining rules. If there is something that can be done to reduce the footprint and substantive changes to be made then that would be good. This could also be the time to address social media and co-branding that came up a couple years ago. The Legislative Committee is reviewing the rules for general thoughts at this time.

4. The flat fee issue is being monitored. At this time Phil McGrane and Ada County have not pressed the issue.

5. Martin will be scheduling some time with the realtors to discuss earnest money instructions to see if they are wanting support to create uniform instructions that would address earnest money.

6. The HOA fee issue has been silent but we are monitoring.

7. Electronic recording seems to be languishing for the two holdout Counties – Nez Perce and Shoshone. Joe advised that Nez Perce talked it up but has done nothing.

8. Remote notary is gaining steam across the nation but Martin advises it is not on the radar for the realtors and lenders. The Legislative Committee will review the ALTA model law so we are prepared. Martin will see if the issue is on the Secretary of State’s radar.

9. Mark your calendar for the 2018 Pacific NW Convention hosted by the ILTA at the Coeur d’ Alene Resort August 2-4. It’s not too late to register and attend. Don’t miss out on this excellent opportunity for education and networking. We anticipate 185-200 in attendance with 18 vendors.

As a means to attract more locals to attend the convention we have come up with an option to attend just the Friday ed program that would include the breakfast and lunch for $200/person. 

10. The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday August 2 at 3:00 at the CDA Resort Beauty Bay.

An important segment of the Thursday August 2 meeting is the annual ILTA Business Meeting and election of officers to serve for the coming year. If you are not able to attend and wish to vote in the election, you may do so by email-in vote. The nominated candidate list follows. If you wish to write in a non-listed candidate in any of the officer slots, please type the name in the indicated area.


The nominated slate of officers:

President – Cameron McFaddan, Boise ______
Write In Candidate – (Name) ____________________________

VP Panhandle – Heather Wichman, Coeur d’ Alene ______
Write In Candidate – (Name) _____________________________

VP Southeast – Jay Williams, Blackfoot ______
Write In Candidate – (Name) ____________________________

VP Southwest – Robin Aberasturi, Boise ______
Write In Candidate – (Name) _____________________________

Sec/Treasurer – John Holt, Eagle ______
Write In Candidate – (Name) _____________________________

Past President – Daryl Olsen, Idaho Falls ____________

Please remember that votes are per business membership. If you vote by Email-in, please sign below (typed signature) to certify your authorization to vote for your office membership.

Signature ______________________________

Another option to voting is to fill in the ballot and sign certifying authorization and have someone hand deliver the ballot to the business meeting prior to 3:00pm on Thursday, August 2, 2018.

Thanks. John