The Liaison Committee met Thursday July 14 at Alliance Title Parkcenter.  Some of the issues discussed included:

  1. Jim was unable to attend the meeting so there was no DOI update.
  2. Martin gave a legislative report.  There was no activity on oil and gas lease issues.  Martin is following up with the Counties on e-recording, affidavit for death certificate, and flat recording fee issues.  All issues continue to look promising for next year.
  3. Ric is scheduled to present at the recorders’ meeting August 16 on the flat recording fee issue.  Ric advised that some sticking points were the Counties wanted something less than the 50 page mark we had recommended before additional charges kick in.  They also have a concern with bundling of docs that seems to have been addressed.  They also wondered if records of survey could be addressed in the legislation.  John advised that ALTA has no model law but they have a working group and a one page white paper they are drafting that could prove useful/helpful as the issue progresses.  9 other states have passed a flat recording fee bill and a number of other states are working on legislation.  Our flat recording fee bill is pretty much finalized and we should be able to start working with other interested groups for support.
  4. The Secretary of State’s Office e-signature/e-notary legislation continues to move forward .  ALTA has not taken a formal position at this point in time but it is an issue under study nationally.  Remote notary may be an issue to discuss in more detail as the legislation develops.
  5. Cameron (via Cindy) gave a report on the Rule 56 changes.  The ILTA proposal was submitted to the DOI.  The proposal included a provision allowing employee discounts but the DOI will not address this as they appear to have taken a different position then their recent position of disallowing.  The DOI now says this employee benefit is ok.  The DOI will also not address the office location issue that was proposed as the DOI believes this issue can be addressed with some refinement regarding documentation of the arrangement.  All other proposals were accepted by the DOI which included increasing the expenditure allowances; prohibiting trade association donations; addressing education programs; what can be given out free of charge in coordination with technology advancements; and, social media thank you’s.  The Rule changes are being published by the DOI as part of the negotiated rule making process and a hearing is set for 2:00 August 17 at the DOI.  If you have comments please submit those to Jim and/or attend the hearing.  The official proposed changes will be available form the DOI shortly.
  6. Phil led discussion on ALTA proposed changes to Best Practices.  ALTA has proposed changes regarding increased due diligence on vetting outside notaries; and, verification that policies are delivered versus sent.  The board is reviewing the comments and looking at submitting comments.  The comment period is open to July 29 if individuals want to comment to ALTA.  Specifics can be viewed at www.alta.orgunder “Resources” and then “Best Practices”.
  7. Mark your calendar for the 2017 ed seminar that will be held at The Grove but will be a bit earlier than usual and on a Monday – Tuesday format.  The seminar will begin approximately 12-4:30 on Monday February 13.  We are bringing back the legislative reception which will follow from 4:30-6.  Tuesday February 14 will be 8-5.
  8. Also mark your calendar and register for the 2016 Pacific NW Convention hosted by Oregon in Sunriver September 9-11.  The Registration form is attached.  The board approved two $500 scholarships.  Submit your application (copy attached).
  9. The next meeting is Thursday August 11 at 10:00 at Alliance Title Parkcenter.

Thanks.  John

2016 Pacific NW Land Title Convention Registration – Download PDF