The Liaison Committee met Friday July 10, 2015 at Alliance Title Parkcenter.  Some of the issues discussed were:

1.       Director Dean Cameron attended the meeting.  Introductions were made.  Dir. Cameron appreciated the long standing liaison meetings (well over 20 years) and ongoing dialogue between the Association and the DOI.  He further acknowledged that he was aware our relationship was different than that of the vast majority of other states who have difficulty working with and communicating with their regulator.  Dir. Cameron advised the DOI would not be proposing any changes to the Rules or statutes that impact the title industry in the coming year.  He was further not aware of any specific issues on the radar from the state or NAIC at this time.  The Director was advised about Title 101 and thought that would be a good presentation and the DOI was willing to host a presentation that might appropriately include members of the Senate Commerce and House Business committees as they are both undergoing changes in personnel.

2.       Jim reported on American Tax & Reporting and their “Smart Prop” product.  They have a disclaimer and indicate they are not an insurance product.  However, as pointed out by Phil they use the world “guarantee” for one of their products and the premise is deceptively similar in design and with a reference to comparison to other title products.  The issue will be monitored further. If you have any information on this company please let us know.

3.       Jim also advised the DOI exams are proceeding and have been good. The DOI has been tweaking some of its processes as they learn more about our systems and procedures.  All in all the exams have been good from the DOI perspective.

4.       Dir. Cameron and Lyn advised Sen. Tippetts who was chair of the Senate Commerce committee took the DEQ job so there will be a reshuffling of chairs.  Dir. Cameron was also a member of that committee so there will be a couple of spots being replaced.  The meetings with the lenders and realtors continue on the oil and gas lease matter.  We continue to liaison with the lenders and realtors so we can better steer the matter should action be taken down the road.  Martin continues to reach out to Sen. Davis’ legal intern – for follow up on Sen. Davis’ promise to help with legislation to fully address the scope of the Parkwest matter.

5.      The Pacific NW Convention is on the horizon.  It is August 6-8 at the Coeur d’ Alene Resort.  Don’t miss out on an opportunity to hear national speakers focusing on CFPB, a CFPB panel with lenders and realtors, and other relevant education and networking with peers from Idaho, Utah, Oregon, Washington and Montana.  Our hotel room block sold out.  Arrangements were made with the Holiday Inn Express and Springhill Suites for additional rooms – contact info attached.

6.      The next meeting is Thursday at 3:00 August 6 at the Coeur d’ Alene Resort.  An important segment of the Thursday, August 6 ILTA Business Meeting is the election of officers to serve for the coming year.  If you are not able to attend and wish to vote in the election, you may do so by email vote.  The nominated candidates follows.  If you wish to write in a non-listed candidate in any of the officer slots, please type the name in the indicated area.


The nominated slate of officers:

President – Cindy Guanell, Boise    ______

Write In Candidate –  (Name)    ____________________________

VP Panhandle – JT Jacobsen, Coeur d’ Alene ______

Write In Candidate –  (Name)    _____________________________

VP Southeast – Daryl Olsen, Rexburg  ______

Write In Candidate –   (Name)   ____________________________

VP Southwest – Cameron McFaddan, Boise  ______

Write In Candidate –  (Name)   _____________________________

Sec/Treasurer – John Holt, Boise ______

Write In Candidate –   (Name)   _____________________________

Past President – Quinn Stufflebeam, Blackfoot _____________________

Please remember that votes are per business membership.  If you vote by Email, please sign below (typed signature) to certify your authorization to vote for your office membership.

Signature ______________________________

Another option to voting is to fill in the ballot and sign certifying authorization and have someone hand deliver the ballot to the business meeting prior to 3:00pm on Thursday, August 6, 2015.