The Liaison Committee met Thursday January 10 at the Capitol Room WW17. Some of the issues discussed included:

1. Jim gave a DOI update. Jim advised his investigation into the property profile in Hayden prepared by Corinthian Title and Escrow out of CA in conjunction with Black Knight was complete. The DOI found no intent to violate ID Rules and the entities will comply if the situation arises in the future. This particular case looked like a one-time request from someone in CA with connections to the ID property. Jim advised that all 3 year escrow audits were completed and that notices for the 5 year audit would be going out soon. Jim also advised as a reminder that the annual escrow filings were on the horizon. Jim further advised that the DOI is anticipating a quiet year at the Legislature. We talked briefly about the NAIC Insurance Data Security Model Law. Jim advised that other lines of insurance have cyber security issues and that he will make sure we are involved in any discussions on the topic in general.

2. Cameron, Robert Anderst, and Martin (at the Board meeting) gave a legislative update. Cameron advised that Bob Rice had accepted the Chair of the Legislative Committee. The Remote Online Notary issue is our main issue this session. We are working primarily with Mike Brassey who represents the Uniform Law Commission and the lenders. A draft bill has been reviewed and an important component is that the Secretary of State issue Rules in conjunction with the effective date of the passage of the law. We are contacting the SOS to ensure their timeline – hopefully in line with the effective date of the legislation which would be July 1.

3. Other legislative issues discussed were Phil McGrane’s flat fee bill which has a sponsor and looks to be moving forward. This bill would clear up the interpretation issues that seem to keep being asked with different responses in the various Counties. The HOA fee issue continues to be monitored. The HOA management companies have an Idaho Chapter but no proposed new law or changes have been circulated. Martin advised the Board that he had met with the HOA attorney/lobbyist and had advised that proper etiquette would be for advance copies of proposals to be circulated in the summer such that issues can be worked out ahead of during the legislative session. The DOI Rules review will continue forward after the legislative session. 

4. Martin advised that we will have a Call to Action to reach out to legislators for our March Ed Seminar Legislative Reception which will be Thursday March 7. Martin will discuss this in more detail at the February Liaison meeting.

5. Daryl advised that the Regional ed trainings continue to be well attended and well received. Thanks to Glen Roberts, Cindy Guanell and Paul Newton for presenting at these trainings. Coeur d’ Alene had over 65 registrants. The last Regional training is scheduled for Tuesday, January 15 in Boise at the Pioneer Rifleman office. Attached is a flyer – please RSVP Daryl as soon as possible. The training consists of two topics – Cindy Guanell on understanding title commitments and Glen Roberts on title policies – which is the best one for the customer. There is a morning session that will be repeated in the afternoon. Boxed lunch for either session is included.

6. The annual ed seminar is set for March 7-8 – original full Thursday and half day Friday format. The topics will focus more on core title and escrow. Several underwriters have committed to present and we also will have someone from the FBI give a current cyber issues update. If you have a specific topic you would like to hear about please contact Daryl.

7. An issue was brought up regarding Keller Williams Mortgage that regards part of an Order sheet that requires specific timelines be met or title agents would be subject to fines/penalties. They are requesting this Order Sheet commitment be signed before receiving the Order.

8. It was also brought up that Teton County in Wyoming is implementing block chain for real property. Jay Williams advised this is very vague at this time but he will monitor and give updates.

9. The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday February 14 at the Capitol in Room WW17 which is on the garden level, west/senate side. The meeting will be call in available with call in info.

Thanks. John