The Liaison Committee met Thursday December 8 at Alliance Title Parkcenter. Some of the issues discussed included:

1. Jim gave an update on several issues. There was nothing new on the Rule 56 amendments and they are proceeding forward toward legislative review.
2. There was nothing new on the Red Vision title product. Jim indicated he was still following up with them and should have an update by the January meeting. If you have information regarding Red Vision or any other product or entity with a similar scheme please contact Jim.
3. Jim advised agent examinations are done and they are finishing up the reports. Jim advised that a regular issue regards cancelation invoices. Jim reminded that offices need to be consistent with their business practices on this issue.
4. Jim advised that license renewals are starting to come in and there are a number with new escrow officers being identified. Jim advised that these changes are important and required information but that the statute calls for any escrow officer changes to be reported to the DOI within 30 days of the change and not just with license renewals. Changes in title officers are properly reported on a yearly basis.
5. John relayed Martin’s legislative update. The Secretary of State is moving forward on the e-signature bill in line with the uniform law and we continue to be involved in the working group. The Counties are meeting on the flat recording fee issue and the remaining issues regard the 50 page limit – the Counties think this is too high so the ILTA is recommending the number be lowered to 30 pages. A couple of Counties allege the flat fee would make them revenue negative although there has been no documentation disclosed or identity of the Counties to support this conclusion. A last issue regards a request from the Counties for some kind of sunset provision due to their concern the flat fee may not be economically viable in the future. We are working with the Counties on these final issues and requesting whether they will support or be neutral to our legislation. We are also working with the Counties on getting the last 6 Counties to e-record. Butte and Adams Counties appear to be coming on board so the issue looks to be down to 4 – Nez Perce, Boundary, Shoshone and Franklin.
6. Martin will be presenting a grassroots primer on how and what to say with your legislator. Martin’s presentation is scheduled during lunch at 12:00 Monday Feb 13 as the kickoff to the ed seminar and as preparation for the Legislative Reception that is scheduled for 4:30 – 6:00 that Monday.
7. The ed seminar is scheduled for Feb 13-14, 2017 at The Grove. As noted above we are bringing back the legislative reception on Monday of the seminar. The seminar is at The Grove and we have a room block under the Idaho Land Title Association. Attached is a draft agenda with speakers and general topics. The agenda will be fine tuned shortly. Also attached is a registration form. We will also have vendors again like last year to help support the seminar. A vendor and sponsor form is also attached. Further, the board is bringing back the scholarship opportunity. There are two $400 scholarships available. The application is attached.
8. The 2017 Pacific NW convention will be hosted by Washington at Suncadia August 16-18, 2017.
9. Idaho will be hosting the 2018 Pacific NW convention in Coeur d’ Alene Aug 2-4 at the Coeur d’ Alene Resort.
10. The next meeting will be 10:00 January 12 at the DOI – call in available with details to be distributed as we get closer to the meeting. Also attached is a schedule of Liaison Meetings for the coming year.